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    Press Release

    For Immediate Release

    AnswerWay selected as "Best of the Web"

    December 27, 2002: Pasadena, California - Answerway joined Google, CNet and on the list of the Worlds Best Sites in the Internet Technology section of The World Journal.

    "Free, and most importantly, time efficient, this incredible network lets you find a real answer from a real person. Thousand of live experts will give you honest answers, neutral advice or help you make a decision in a matter of hours. Registration is required by providing your e-mail address, which is not sold to send advertising straight to your inbox, but is optionally used to send a notification and a direct link to the answer the moment you receive it." December 2002.

    According to Vijay Nath, CTO of Answerway, "We are excited to be named along with these outstanding sites, considering we have only been active since November 2002. We are committed to providing our members and the rest of the Internet community the best Question & Answer site - free of charge - with outstanding customer service and personal attention."

    The site was launched with the support of most of the top experts from the now defunct Q&A site launched by The two founders of Answerway were both highly rated in their fields of expertise at and were more than willing to invest their personal resources and time to further the knowledge sharing activities pioneered by

    "We benefited immensely from the time we both spent on and other Q&A sites and wanted to create the ultimate site for knowledge seekers and experts to participate", said Jay Dathaeus, President of Answerway. "We currently have over 3,000 participants and we have only been active on the Internet for a little more than a month", added Dathaeus.

    With more than 700 categories ranging from Finance to Spirituality, Answerway hopes to become the one-stop information exchange site on the Internet. With members from more than 100 countries, it already seems well on its way.

    About is an online information and communications service, providing a large-scale, person-to-person question & answer forum. Users of this Web site provide all information on a volunteer basis. By allowing people with specific expertise to answer questions posted by people looking to learn, we bring together knowledge providers and seekers in a free and uncomplicated manner.

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